Raised by Moths
Michelle Conn
Publisher: MidnightSun Publishing
ISBN: 9781922858184
Awards Year: 2024
Category: CBCA Award for New Illustrator


Willow jumps on the Ferris Wheel and is intrigued to see a boy surrounded by moths.

As they travel high above the fairground he tells her the reason why the moths love him so much: he was raised by moths. Wonderfully fantastical and thought-provoking with stunning illustrations, Raised by Moths is quite unlike anything you’ve read

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The CBCA judges say...

Two children on a Ferris wheel witness magic unfolding as the boy reminisces about being raised by moths before his human family adopted him. Digitally enhanced illustrations executed in pencil and watercolour are dominated by muted purples and pinks, transforming the fairground and sky into an enchanting backdrop for the tale of animals raising human babies. Colour is used suggestively, with pink and purple clothing signaling the boy’s connection to the magical realm, while his auburn-haired companion dressed in green signifies her grounding in the real world. Alternating close-ups with wide views, the illustrations enhance the book's visual appeal and narrative flow. They also expand the story beyond the text, revealing additional scenes such as other children boarding the Ferris wheel and exploring a world where animals care for human babies, extending the tale beyond its central characters. This well-designed hardcover boasts an alluring cover and endpapers evocative of night skies crossed by a string of silvery night moths.


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A Reading Time reviewer says...

“I was raised by moths.”
“You were not!”
“I was,” he replies.
“They looked after me until I was three. Moths won’t keep children longer than that. We get too big and people have too many questions.”

This picture book does indeed raise a lot of questions. Good ones. Raised By Moths is a surprising yet enchanting picture book written by the 2022 Readings Prize winner, Charlie Archbold...


Teaching Notes for this book...

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