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CBCA Nan Chauncy Award

Named after the noted Tasmanian author of children’s books, the Nan Chauncy Award has been created to honour individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the field of Australian children’s literature. The spirit of the Award is to recognize advocacy, mentoring and volunteer work beyond paid roles and professional responsibilities. The Award is presented biennially and is an opportunity to recognize an individual or partnership whose dedicated work in advocacy and promotion of literature and literacy might otherwise not be publicly celebrated.


Congratulations to Jenny Stubbs; CBCA Qld

2023 Recipient of the biennial CBCA Nan Chauncy Award

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Who was Nan Chauncy?

From the late 1948 until 1969 Nan Chauncy was one of the most esteemed children’s writer in Australia. She distinguished herself by winning the Australian Children’s Book of the Year three times, had titles commended in the following seven years and gained international recognition including receiving the Hans Christian Anderson Award, Diploma of Merit. In recognition of her significance in the history of Australian children’s literature, CBCA instituted the Nan Chauncy Award in 1983.

History of the Award

From 1983 to 1998 the Award was presented every five years. At the CBCA's AGM in 1999 it was decided that the Nan Chauncy Award be given biennially, in even-numbered years (up until 2014). The Award in 2000 was presented at the CBCA 5th National Conference in Canberra and in 2002 at the 6th National Conference in Perth.

Current Award Recipient

2023 Nan Chauncy Award Recipient

Jenny Stubbs

Mentor, educator, advocate.

Jenny personifies all the qualities and attributes to merit this award with her unparalleled commitment and significant achievements in the field. She has dedicated her life to promoting and supporting children’s literature.

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Immediate Past Award Recipient

2021 Nan Chauncy Award Recipient

Jan Nicholls

Recognised at the CBCA 13th National Conference 'And Now They're Laughing!' in Canberra.

A ‘living treasure’ of the Western Australian children’s literature community was today awarded the prestigious Nan Chauncy Award. The Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) Chair Wendy Rapee announced Jan Nicholls as winner of the 2021 Nan Chauncy Award, which honours people who have made an outstanding contribution to Australian children’s literature.

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Year of recognition Award Recipient Links to citations and speeches
2023 Jenny Stubbs Read More     Citation document (.docx)     
2021 Jan Nicholls      Read More     Watch Acceptance Speech      Watch Dedication Speech
2019 James Moloney      Read speech
2017 Mem Fox      Read speech
2015 Libby Gleeson      Read citation
2012 Robyn Sheahan-Bright
2010 Lesley Reece
2008 Margaret Wild
2006 Muriel Barwell
2004 Margaret Hamilton
2002 Maurice Saxby
2000 Belle Alderman
1998 Walter McVitty
1993 Laurie Copping
1988 Joyce Oldmeadow
1983 Marcie Muir