Award Stickers and Licences

The Children’s Book Council of Australia is a not-for-profit organisation. We do not receive government funding and exist by supporting ourselves financially through the sale of a range of merchandise including our CBCA Book of the Year award stickers. Over the decades these stickers have become an iconic and instantly recognisable symbol highlighting books of outstanding literary merit.

We produce these stickers to help publishers and booksellers promote their award-winning children’s books. They also help teachers, librarians, parents and children to identify and choose inventive, imaginative and entertaining Australian children’s literature created by the best of our authors and illustrators.

By purchasing stickers to promote their award-winning books, publishers and booksellers are also supporting a volunteer-run organisation that has been working hard for over 70 years to support and celebrate outstanding Australian children’s literature.

CBCA Book of the Year Award Sticker Options

Our Award stickers are available for titles that have received the following distinctions from our annual Book of the Year Awards: Winner, Honour, Shortlisted, Notable.

They can be purchased as a roll of 500 high-quality embossed metallic stickers or as a licence to a digital image that can be printed directly onto the book cover (for up to 500 copies).


If you choose to purchase an Award sticker licence please be aware this covers printing of up to 500 copies only, after which you will need to purchase a new licence.

If your firm has inadvertently used the Award sticker licence from a previous year or used a licence purchased this year in excess of your order, we ask that you go to the CBCA website and pay for the licence that matched your usage.

Ordering Award Stickers

ORDER FORM for CBCA Award Stickers and licences.

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