Market Day
Carrie Gallasch (Illust: Hannah Sommerville)
Publisher: Hardie Grant Children's Publishing
ISBN: 9781760504076
Awards Year: 2023
Category: Book of the Year: Early Childhood


When a girl is given a coin to spend at the market, she thinks carefully about what to buy. She is tempted by the towering stacks of fruit, spinning rides and glass jars filled with sweets.

But it isn’t until a stranger gives something to her, without expecting anything in return, that she knows exactly what to do with her coin.


The CBCA judges say...

Market Day narrates the story of a little girl that arrives at a market with one coin she can spend in any way. Several themes are explored, including community, generosity, the power of music, kindness, transience and appreciation. The evocative, detailed digital illustrations depict a bustling produce market and invite further investigation on each read. The language is simple as the girl narrates, yet also, at times, quite beautiful, matching the mood of the outing. It is punctuated by metaphor, analogy, alliteration and an interesting range of verbs. A busker is seen intermittently, and he turns out to be the girl's most interesting and worthwhile encounter at the market.


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