Grace and Mr Milligan
Pip Kruger
Publisher: Marshall Cavendish International
ISBN: 9789815009811
Awards Year: 2024
Category: CBCA Award for New Illustrator


Grace lives next door to old Mr Milligan and his goat Charlie. They are the best of friends. But when Mr Milligan’s beloved goat dies, everything changes. Will Grace be able to help her friend overcome his sadness?

Grace and Mr Milligan is a heart-warming story of grief, love and the healing power of friendship.

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The CBCA judges say...

Pip Kruger is an accomplished freelance illustrator who lives on the coast of South Australia. She employs a lovely, folksy style that beautifully captures the essence of whimsy and love in this book. The cleverly executed endpapers hint at the importance and value of memories. Colour, framing and a variety of shot types and angles are executed in a highly engaging way and the characters’ emotions and personality are shown beautifully through gesture, body language and the inclusion of unique details. The illustrations are colourful, joyful and lively and sensitively depict the grief and joy in the story and provide substance to the relationship of Grace, Mr Milligan and his ageing goat, Charlie.


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A Reading Time reviewer says...

Grace loves living near the sea, next door to Mr Milligan and his goat Charlie. The three of them regularly spend time together: they go to the beach, eat strawberries, grapes and apples and with a large dollop of cream. All is fine until Charlie get sick and dies of old age. Mr Milligan loses his enthusiasm for life which worries Grace. After some time, her solution is a picnic for Mr Milligan where she restores his equilibrium with lots of memories and… a large dollop of cream...


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