DEEP: Dive into Hidden Worlds
Jess McGeachin (: Jess McGeachin)
Publisher: Welbeck Publishing
ISBN: 9781913519483
Awards Year: 2023
Category: Eve Pownall Award


What hidden worlds lie beneath your feet? Or in the deepest parts of the ocean, where not even sunlight can reach? Come on a journey to meet glowing deep-sea creatures, zombie-making fungi and the trillions of tiny workers that live inside your own body. But be warned, things can get a little strange in the deep...


The CBCA judges say...

This imaginatively presented hardback reference book seamlessly brings together a large variety of information about the unseen elements of Earth’s sea and land life, outer space and the human body. Contemporary issues are also included making the information very relatable to readers. The integration of text and illustrations is very cleverly managed, and the layout of the content works both as a dip-in-dip-out resource, as well as a read-through narrative. The information is interesting and the language is clear and presented in accessible small chunks, with a bit of humour. The full colour, detailed illustrations are gracefully accompanied by descriptive labels (including some scientific names). The final couple of pages around connection and survival bring together all the information in an accessible flowchart and draw on the topic of adaptability that readers can explore further. The inclusion of contents, index and glossary are very useful; and a timeline titled 'Deep Time' is great for providing context. The front cover is incredibly appealing, and overall, this non-stereotypical information book is of a very high quality that will sustain readers’ interest throughout.


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