Illustrator: Jess McGeachin

Publisher: Penguin Random House Australia

ISBN: 9781760892562

The publisher says...

Fly is a beautiful story of determination no matter the odds, and love in the face of loss. Lucy had always been good at fixing things, and Dad needed a bit of help. It was just the two of them after all. So when Lucy finds a bird with a broken wing, she’s sure she can fix him too. But not everything that’s broken can be fixed.

The CBCA judges say...

A beautiful work moving from subdued colour and figures that are more stilted, to a riot of brightness and new freedom as characters move forward. The indoor/outdoor works constantly to reveal non-text information. The way the scarf has been woven into the story (without written mention) demonstrates high level craftsmanship and understanding. Mum's scarf becomes a part of everything; a symbol of presence and warmth around her child's neck, a bird's nest and finally floating away when Lucy’s experience of growth enables her to own a new one. The stunning double-page spread of all the birds represents the community around Lucy. This is the work of a very capable illustrator revealing more than the text is saying.

Our Reading Time reviewers say...

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