Wild Australian Life
Leonard Cronin (Illust: Chris Nixon)
Publisher: Allen and Unwin
ISBN: 9781760637224
Awards Year: 2023
Category: Eve Pownall Award


More than one million animal species make their homes in Australia - from the deepest oceans to the tops of mountains and the harshest deserts. But just how do they survive? Discover the remarkable stories behind some of the world's most extraordinary animals in this must-have collection for every Australian family.


The CBCA judges say...

From the appealing cover and bright contents page, this compendium of fascinating facts about various species of the Australian animal kingdom ensures maximum engagement. Shadowed endpapers work well with this production of high-quality paper printing, using colours and highly engaging, visually vibrant animals to connect with different aspects of the Australian ecosystem. Providing clear and detailed information about the Australian animal kingdom, it explores its diversity in a creative manner. Layout and format are varied throughout, and the non-stereotypical illustrations in a muted full-colour palette genuinely integrate with the text, enhancing the reading experience. Young readers will enjoy looking, exploring and following the ‘paths’ that are being described. The variety of species and ecosystems is impressive, and the language and labels are clear and detailed. The pages related to navigating by sound and night animals are particularly captivating.


Teaching Notes for this book...

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