The Best Hiding Place
Sylvia Morris
Publisher: Affirm Press
ISBN: 9781922848086
Awards Year: 2023
Category: CBCA Award for New Illustrator


One, two, three,
four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten …
Coming, ready or not!

Archie has found the best hiding place.

But after a while, it feels too quiet.

Is the game still on?

Has Archie been forgotten?


The CBCA judges say...

The colour palette in The Best Hiding Place creates a lovely retro and nostalgic quality. Each and every image allows the reader to peek inside different parts of the house, often showing multiple points of action on one page. Archie’s claustrophobia in his hiding spot is conveyed effectively to create a sustained moment of tension that readers will identify with. Distinct characters and relationships are shown, and some humorous details invite readers to re-visit and examine earlier illustrations. The illustrations perfectly capture those mixed feelings of playing hide and seek as a child, which will appeal to readers of all ages.


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