Scout and the Rescue Dogs
Dianne Wolfer (Illust: Tony Flowers)
Publisher: Walker Books Australia
ISBN: 9781760655860
Awards Year: 2024
Category: Book of the Year: Younger Readers


A celebration of community, adventure, kindness and, above all, dogs!

The summer holidays have finally arrived and Scout can’t wait for her adventure in the big rig with Dad. They’re on a mission to deliver donations of dog food to animal rescue shelters right across the state..

There’ll be lots of music, dad-jokes and a brilliant plan that will make sure everyone’s got a friend for the holidays. There might even be a special four-legged friend in it for Scout..

But Scout and her dad get more than they’ve bargained for. It’s bushfire season – and it’s not just the dogs who need rescuing . . .

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The CBCA judges say...

Realistically set during the 2019/20 bushfires, this book journeys with Scout and her dad as they deliver donations of dog food to animal shelters throughout south-eastern Australia. The bushfires and the geographical details related to their travels are accurately presented. Grieving the loss of her mum, sparked by their travels, the people they meet and a school friendship project, Scout develops a website to connect shelter dogs with truck drivers needing company. Responsible internet use, described throughout the text is commendable and age appropriate. Including creative design features, this fictional narrative is heart-warming and uplifting, dealing sensitively with topics of parental loss, environmental threat, bullying and separation balanced by optimism and the love Scout shares with her father and with animals.


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