Paradise Sands: A Story of Enchantment
Levi Pinfold (Text: Levi Sands)
Publisher: Walker Books Australia
ISBN: 9781406383942
Awards Year: 2023
Category: Picture Book of the Year


Washed clean in his pool, we fall under his rule
Away from what is, for we are now his.

When a young girl and her brothers step into the ghostly Paradise Sands hotel, they fall under the rule of the mysterious Teller. She makes a deal with him to free them all from his haunting paradise. But can she hold up her side of the bargain?


The CBCA judges say...

Right from the beginning, the young girl, in her pale blue dress, shows she has a higher level of responsibility. The characters have clearly heard the opening six-line rhyme many times, but instead of recognising they are a warning, the words have become a jingle they sing along to in their car. This is a story of enchantment, entrapment, courage, wisdom, patience, belief, temptation and, above all, love. The young girl will rescue her brothers no matter what the personal cost. An almost unbearable sense of bleakness is created through the dry barren landscapes and even the starkness of the house and hospital room. The landscape in this book becomes a character. Older readers will be eager to revisit the story and the exquisite, masterful illustrations. This book has the look and feel of a classic.


The Reading Time reviewers say...

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